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December 30, 2007

To Do

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Check things off as you accomplish them, then it may look as if you have accomplished something.

January, 2008

  1. Finish rebuilding veg garden fence, leaving a hole so you can reach the faucets from this side of the fence.
  2. Plant that dashed Daphne odora
  3. Ditto the hydrangeas that are still in pots (2.2.08: planted one in the banana bed in back)
  4. Varnish the veg garden bench
  5. Newspaper and pine straw around the banana and live oak (and planted one hydrangea there).
  6. Run pvc pipe to bird house in front. New faucet on bird house post
  7. Finish paving and dwarf mondo under bedroom windows
  8. Fertilize azaleas
  9. Move lime tree and fertilize. It is not a happy camper.

February, 2008

  1. Concrete bluebird box in back
  2. Finish removing the front border and rake for sod
  3. Prune the rest of the boxes (Note: Mockingbirds have built a nest in the middle of the conical box to the left of the front door. Bizarre. They have 2 entrances into the bush.


  1. Sort out the horrible mess that is the compost bins

Fall ‘08

  1. Order amaryllis from John Scheeper or Van Engelen
  2. Shade-loving shrubs for the front side of the fence behind the shed.
  3. Move amaryllis (red) from around camellia in front to back bank. Put pale amaryllis in their place.
  4. Viburnum macrocephalum (snowball)
  5. Move Aleurites fordii to the front.

Ideas for plants in the fall:

Acanthus mollis (full shade)

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