Savannah Garden Diary

December 29, 2007


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Pennisetum rubrum by the pond with the frost-bitten crinums behind. The Pennisetum clumps are much happier here than they were in pots on the patio. A dry sandbank is what they like.

This photo disguises the fact that that bank is riddled with trumpet vine, which is a right beast to remove. In fact, I don’t think you can get rid of it. I just have to weed it out every year. I have done that with the one in the middle of the fig, and it still comes up every year.

We’re having a lovely spell of warm, damp weather. Perfect for planting. Yesterday, I moved the blue agapanthus from the front bed. Amazing how much it has grown. It was a single bulb 4 years ago and now it’s a huge clump that took ages to wrestle out of the ground.

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