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April 7, 2008

Spring Fling in Austin

A million thanks to , , , , and all the other Austin bloggers who made this such a success.

to Pam’s overview.
Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center
Here we are at the Lady Bird Johnson Wild Flower Center. On the left is our docent, Jenny, who has the most n, immortalized by Pam the day before.
Here is a gorgeous clump of Phlox drummondii in the formal part of the garden. It is gorgeous because it is the wild type, with all those wonderful colors. The ones I grew last year were a horrid assortment of pale pink and browny purple, which was all I could get from Thompson & Morgan. (By the end of this trip, I had acquired what I hope are wild type seeds from Natural Gardens.)
Hinckley columbine
This is the lovely Texas native columbine, Aquilegia chrysantha var. hinckleyana, another plant I covet, since I miss Aquilegia canadensis, and this Aquilegia is reputed to survive in Savannah. Note that here it is in pretty shady, shade. I see, from Googling it, that dry shade is recommended. (Someone suggests shade of deciduous trees is ideal so that it gets some winter sun.) Now all I have to do is find some seed or cajole some from Pam later this month when she has some.
green roof
I am quite impressed with the environmental consciousness of Austin (although the natives seem to think they are pretty backward). Here is the green roof on a Starbucks in a shopping center. Very sensible plants–grasses and succulents.
Every garden seems to have rain barrels, Vicki is installing a monster cistern in hers, and here are the cisterns at that Starbucks, draining water from a metal roof.

January 13, 2008

Kalanchoe luciae

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I love this kalanchoe that Mary gave me. It’s been in this pot for 10 months. It gets absolutely no attention. (Well, I’ve pulled one weed.) And it is producing babies.

I’ve never known much about succulents, but I have to embark on a concerted search for them now because Lex and Beezoo gave me a “green wall” planter for Christmas, and I can’t imagine that anything will survive in it except small, drought-resistant plants. And they also need to be colorful. This kalanchoe is too big, I think, so I shall have to find small ones. Not that my wall is going to look anything like as good as but…..

I see that has just finished a book on hardy succulents that I believe I shall have to purchase.

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